【Mt. Fuji Area / Oshino】Zen Meditation Experience with Local Cuisine!!
Tour Summary: Mt. Fuji was registered as a “World Heritage Site” in 2013, and at the same time, al...
Private Chartered Taxi
No.FK52303 Visiting famous Shrines Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine/Arakura-Fuji Sengen Shrine fare: 17,500 ...
Fujiten Snow Bus Tour ※This tour has finished.
Our "Fujiten Snow Bus Tour" is an official bus tour of the Fujiten Snow Resort. It connects the Fujiten Snow Resort and Kawaguchiko Station by bus on weekends and national holidays between January 10 …
Fujiten Ski Taxi ※This service has finished.
We have prepared a convenient and affordable taxi plan that connects Kawaguchiko Station and Fujiten Snow Resort. This winter, use the Fujiten Ski Taxi plan to enjoy the slopes of Mt. Fuji.
Chartered Mini Bus
You can go everywhere easily from your accommodation to the destination without “stress” and “inconvenience”. In addition, you can relax and socialize. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from wi…
Recommended Accommodation
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Luggage Storage Service

The fee for luggage storage is 500 yen for items with a height of less than 60cm, and 700 yen for items with a height of 60cm or more, per item.

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