Recommended Accommodation

Fujizakura Inn

A hotel as a great base for Mt. Fuji tourism.
Guests can see Mt. Fuji from their rooms. A 15-min walk from Kawaguchiko Sta.
The hotel rooms are equipped with TV, bidet toilet, air-conditioner, and a veranda.
There are amenities such as shampoo and hair conditioner, body wash, tooth brush and hair-drier. A free shuttle bus is also available.



Fuji Midorino Kyukamura

  The hotel is located deep in the nature of Mt. Fuji, near to Fujiten Snow Resort and Hyoketsu(Ice Cave) and Hot spring Yurari.
The hotel has a reasonably priced Fujiten Snow Resort and Hot spring facility Yurari packages. Furthermore, you can see a great view of Mt. Fuji from the guest rooms.
If you are considering which hotel you should stay, we recommend this hotel.
A free Shuttle Bus service is also available.