Fujiten Snow Bus Tour ※This tour has finished.

Official Fujiten Snow Bus Tour 

Fujiten Snow Resort is a ski resort in Narusawa Village, which is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. It takes about 90 minutes from Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka by car or highway bus.

Our “Fujiten Snow Bus Tour” is an official bus tour of the Fujiten Snow Resort. It connects the Fujiten Snow Resort and Kawaguchiko Station by bus on weekends and national holidays between January 14 through March 12, 2023. (Service available every day between December 24, 2022 to January 9,2023)


Fujiten Snow Resort


Service Period 

March 12,2023 to March 12,2023 【Service available only weekends and national holidays

We have ended the operation for this season.


Tour Fee

Adult: 3,000yen (Tax Included)

  • The tour fee includes round-trip bus fares (Kawaguchiko station-Fujiten Snow Resort) and a 500 yen coupon which can be use at the restaurant, souvenir shop, rentals, or lift ticket of Fujiten Snow Resort.
  • Reservation will be completed when you make a payment.
  • This tour is the cheapest way to get to Fujiten Snow Resort from Kawaguchiko Station. If you go to Fujiten, get a great deal!



Departs Kawaguchiko Station

8:45 am 

10:00 am 

Departs Fujiten15:30 pm17:00 pm
  • We will accept your registration from 30 minutes before each scheduled bus departs.
  • It takes approx.30 minutes between Kawaguchiko Station and Fujiten Snow Resort.
  • The last bus departs at 5:00 pm from Fujiten and it goes to Kawaguchiko Station via Yurari Onsen. Customers who use the Yurari Onsen should use the free Yurari shuttle bus that departs at 8:30 pm.

More details here➡Fuji Chobo no Yu Yurari Onsen


Reception desk

  • In front of Kawaguchiko station


  • The bus may be delayed due to traffic & weather condition.
  • The bus schedule may be changed or cancelled due to weather conditions.
  • We can’t accept the time change after ticketing.
  • Children under the 3 years old are free of charge, (Please hold your child on your lap). Children over 4 years old are required to pay the full adult fare.
  • We accept VISA and Master Card.


2022-2023 Season Overview of Fujiten Snow Taxi
Term of Operation

December 24, 2022 – March 12, 2023

※This tour has finished.


3,000 yen per person (A 500yen coupon included) *Round trip fee.

Meeting Place

In front of Kawaguchiko Station, Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu Building 1F


※Please note that this is a different location from the Bus Stop in Kawaguchiko Station.
Payment Method

Online Pre-payment (VISA/Master)

*An email for payment details will be sent after your booking is completed.

How to Apply

Please make a reservation at least 1 day prior to departure date. Please use the inquiry form below.

Cancellation Fees

・Two days before departure: 20% 

・The day before departure: 50% 

・The day of departure or no show 100%
Bus Company



This is a great deal! Limited privilege for Bus Tour applicants!

  • If you want to get the lift pass in advance, please ask to the staff at the reception desk when you register so that you don’t need to line the ticket office to buy a lift pass. As soon as you arrive Fujiten Snow Resort, you can go directly to the Lift station!!
  • Before leaving Fujiten Snow Resort, make sure to refund your 500 yen deposit back at the site!!

【Cash Only!!】

Get your Lift Ticket without line the ticket window!! 

Weekends and Holidays: 

5,000yen +(500yen deposit required)= 5,500yen in total 

⇒ Great offer!!【Cash Only!!】 4,500円




※If you don’t want to be bound up by time, you can use our “Fujiten Ski Taxi” Plan.

👆Click here for more details

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COVID-19 Preventive Measures

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, please cooperate with the followings.

  • Pease wear a mask
  • Please disinfect your hands with alcohol. (We provide disinfectant at the reception desk)
  • Please maintain a distance in order to prevent the further spread of infections.
  • Please talk to a staff member if you feel unwell.
  • We will take your temperature when you check in.
  • We will ask your name, phone number, and address so that we can conduct a follow up survey if we discover an infected person.


Frequency Asked Questions

When can I book a return bus?
We will ask the return bus time, when you register your application.
What time do you accept registrations?
We can accept your registration 30minutes before the scheduled bus departure.
How much does it cost for a child to ride the bus?
Children under the 3 years old are free of charge,(Please hold your child on your lap) children over the 4 years old are required to pay the full adult fare.
In case I miss the return bus time, can you refund the fare?
Sorry, we can’t give any refunds.



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